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Thank you for your interest in Gelous?, taking the time to invest in your education, and to explore a new world of technique and opportunity. I would like to give you an idea of our journey and business philosophy.
Envy Me Beauty Pty Ltd (our company) was created in 2014. My vision was to establish a brand that would be in line with economic conditions, while creating innovative products, and opportunity for nail technicians.
I started as a nail technician in 1998 and have had a few salons in the early days of my career. In 1998 I did my first courses with CND, a premier company in the nail care industry still today. CND set the example for me of taking care of the customers’ needs and did it better than their competition.
I have travelled extensively for my passion and was awarded with the Best Overall Trophy SA at CND bootcamp in 2005. I have done a few celebrity clients in my life and have contributed over the years in several trade magazines. And, I thought at that point, that I was at the pinnacle of my journey in the industry. I was mistaken.
For three years I researched various manufacturing processes and labs for the specific products that I had in mind, played with branding ideas and finally completed the business model and launched the range in 2018.
Having spent sixteen years of my career working with global distributor/manufacturers, the needs have been obvious over the last 7 years. Clients were looking for innovative products that they could use to improve their clients’ experience and a company that would be focused on service, affordability and education.
We launched and our products were so well received that we started exporting within 8 months of launch date.
We are committed to bring you the finest quality products on the market, at affordable prices. 


Our Clients Say

StyleScoop - Instagram

For years, I’ve worn my nails in the same boring square shape. I never thought I’d try anything different. Jodes, my nail guru has tried to break me out of my comfort zone and she finally got it right. Loving this new almond shape – I feel like a whole new person. Also, can we take a moment too gawk at this gorgeous Gelous? Gel shade called Charm! You know what they say – a change is as good as a holiday.

Lindsey Heydenrych - Facebook

This brand will always have my support! Quality you can trust at an affordable price!

Nadiasassin - Instagram

I love my Gelous? Gel nails! They are 3 weeks on now and no lifting or splitting like the other brands I’ve tried! Normally I would have had to redo them well before week two!

Celize Beauty Salon and Nail Artistry - Facebook

5 weeks regrowth with no lifting or chipping!